Sunday, 16 November 2014

Good News

I have two bits of uplifting news. The main is that the frozen yogurt creator that I requested this last weekend arrived sooner than required today. I didn't accept my flat mate from the beginning when he said it had arrived (it was planned to land one week from now, around this time), however once I saw it I transformed into a five year old. I'm going to make frozen yogurt tomorrow! Frozen yogurt! What's more perhaps sorbet. Furthermore conceivably different things, I don't even know yet they will be both chilly and sweet. It's going to be unpleasant. I'll simply quit consuming else other possibilities (note that this dessert creator is related with the increment in temperatures outside) and inflatable outwards until I'm (much more) fat!

The second is that evidently my degree will be very remunerating once I've got it (I mean, with Philosophy one dependably ponders). I got an email today that depicted precisely what anticipates me -

A prosperous future, cash gaining force, and the Admiration of all.....get the Job, Promotion, Business Opportunity and Social Advancement you Desire!*

I don't know for certain what that all methods, yet it sounds really sweet. What's more that was from a prestigious nonaccredited college! Envision what an authorize one will accomplish for me.

Yes to be sure, great times are nearing. Furthermore dessert.

(Perhaps simply the dessert.)


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Anyway I take that to simply emphasize the introductory point, not particuarly detract from the guarantee included.)